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We Are The Goon Squad And We're Coming To Town

Beep Beep

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Hey :)
I'm Joanna.
I smile too much.
Or maybe not enough?
Depends on your view on life :)

I'll tell you my birth date because I don't want to have to check & change this each birthday
21st January 1993

Which is actually a LONG TIME AGO now.
Despite some people seeing it as not a lot.

I'm female. In case you didn't guess :)

I enjoy music.
I will listen to almost anything, but you will find I have a slight obsession with David Bowie.
Which is a bit of a tragedy I suppose.
But he's damn sexy.

My friends laugh at me for all the crushes I have on older men.

I guess I'll talk to you in my comments, then?

Oh and I have a deviantART.
It's listed as my website on here. :)